It is said that cats meow because...

#6 - Why Do Cats Meow?

It is said that there are about 30 different cat meowing sounds. Primarily they meow for attention. It is the way they communicate with their owners and other kittens or other species.

Cats Meow because they're trying to tell us something. It could be either they're hungry, sick or want attention. But one should always be aware and see what kind of body language your cat is showing. Cats also meow if they are afraid, angry, or want you to back away.

When domestic cats meow at us they are usually trying to tell us that they want something, like "open the door”, “I’m hungry” or “hey! Look at me, I want a tickle”.

Cats that spend a lot of time around other cats will use a different vocabulary made up of body language, scent, and other forms of cat communication. They mainly vocalize with each other at time of mating i.e. caterwauling and between mother and kitten.

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